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Paul Walker Life is an unofficial, Australian-based fan site, as of April 2003, dedicated to the talented & gorgeous, 35-yr-old, American actor, Paul Walker. Have a peek around the site, have a read, go and have a look in our photo gallery... have a stop by the Paul Walker Life forum & say hello to fellow Paul Walker fans from around the globe! Contributions, questions, suggestions & comments are always appreciated, so your more than welcome to contact me! I hope you enjoy your visit, come back soon!


28th of August 2009

We have a NEW DOMAIN!! Yay! =D What do you guys think? Let me know! :) I've updated the Multimedia page, the Movie Release Dates page and the Affiliates page! I'll be uploading more pics to the photo gallery soon! And you haven't already, please don't be hesitant to join the forum!

Take Care... Love ~~Lisa~~

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