Paul and Astrology

The Secret Side of Virgo
Top Job -
Anything that involves writing
Motto -
"I analyse"
Mood -
More uptight than a very uptight person indeed
Light -
Helpful, witty, polite, modest, perfectionist
Dark -
Martyrs, naggers, hypochondriacs


Win them with...

Mess - never stop them tidying it up. They love it!

EARTH (Practical)

MUTABLE (flexibility, versatility)

RULER: Mercury

KEY: Analytical


POSITIVE: Studious, witty, well-spoken, discreet, charming, eye for detail, hardworking, conscientious and thorough & judicious.

NEGATIVE: Shrewd, fastidious, critically inclined, unsophisticated, indecisive, unstable, fickle-minded, frequently melancholic. Worries a lot.

SEXUALITY: Keeps tight control over own emotions. With the right partner loyal and affectionate.

HEALTH: Abdomen, intestines, spleen, diaphragm.

CAREER: Incisive style, good teacher.

GENERAL: The pure Virgo insists on common sense, practical intelligence and a perfectionist’s approach. Loves refinement, cleanliness and order. An outward lack of feeling might conceal too much inner emotion.