Paul Walker FAQs

  1. Does Paul have a girlfriend now? Yes.
  2. Does Paul have any pets? Yes.
  3. Does Paul have any tattoos? Yes.
  4. Does Paul like camping? Yes!!
  5. Does Paul like country music? Supposedly, he's a fan of Johnny Cash.
  6. Does Paul only date famous women? No, he doesn't. He doesn't date famous women.
  7. Does Paul ride horses? Yes!
  8. Does Paul's daughter, Meadow, live with him? No. She lives in Oahu, Hawaii with her mother.
  9. Has Paul ever been to Canada? Yes!
  10. Has Paul ever taken off his clothes in a movie? Yes, in Joyride (aka Roadkill), he took off all his clothes.
  11. How many brothers and sisters does Paul have? What are their names? Paul has 2 younger brothers, Caleb and Cody and 1 younger sister, Ashlie.
  12. How much does Paul weigh? 188 pounds / 85 kilos / 13 stone...
  13. How old is Paul? 35 years old.
  14. How tall is Paul? 6'3. This is from his own mouth.
  15. Is he married? No.
  16. Is it true that Paul has a daughter? Yes. He has a 10-yr-old daughter, Meadow Rain Walker.
  17. Is Paul into hispanic women? Yes, I would have to say. =) He's had a crush on Penelope Cruz and Salma so I'd definetly have to say yes for him being into hispanic women. ;-)
  18. Is Paul still going out with Bliss Ellis? No. She's now happily married with a child.
  19. What are Paul's favourite actors? Tom Hanks and Jeff Daniels.
  20. What kind of fetish/s does Paul have when it comes to girls? He has a tummy fetish. He likes girls who have flat tummies etc. lol.
  21. What kind of girls does Paul like? Girls that're earthy and natural, girls that don't wear much make-up, girls that love kids, animals and the beach.
  22. What's Paul's favourite colour/s? Charcoal and blue.
  23. What's Paul's favourite food? Lasagne and Mexican food.
  24. What's Paul's religion? Paul was brought up in a Mormon-household. He now considers himself a non-denominational Christian.
  25. Where does Paul have his tattoos? Unknown. When he was interviewed by Wendy Harmer, she had asked him where the sparrow tattoos were located but he wouldn't say.
  26. Where does Paul live now? Santa Monica, California.
  27. Where was Paul born? Glendale, California.
  28. Who are Paul's parents? Paul William Walker III and Cheryl.
  29. Who is the mother of Paul's daughter? Rebecca.

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