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Your site is such a very nice site! Well, I'm not Paul's fanclub. I used to see a few movies in which he starred but after I read about his life and his quotes, I think he's the most real man I've ever seen. I have no wonders why lots of gals are falling for him. He's so natural, he knows what his happiness is and enjoys it. I'm sure he'll reach his goals. Anyway, I wanna tell ya again that your site is so great. Thanks for creating this terrific site. - Film, 18, BKK 

I love your site!!!! I have been a die-hard fan of Paul Walker ever since meet the deedles . I own every movie and show he has been on. I have paid a grip for she old things he did when i wasn't born but..i got everything...except commercials anyway. Just had to let u know, your site ROCKS. - Katina Cooper

Hey, I like your site. I'm a Paul Walker fan but not to the extent that I freak out everytime I see him or hear his name. It's a really great site. I really had no idea that he had wanted to pursue a career in marine biology, which is what I have wanted to do since I was four. He's really an inspiration to everyone. He's smart, funny, and charming without having a big ego because so many girls fawn over him. He really seems like a great guy and I would love to meet him in person, but then again, wouldn't we all? - Brittani Poff, 15, Indiana

This was a really interesting site about Paul Walker ... he's a very talented actor and I adore his movies and admire him ... I'm sure he would be really proud of you ... good job on your site! - Derek Frances

I Love your site !!!! I'm like in love with paul walker!! he's the cutest actor and human on earth!! Ever since i saw the movie Eight below i'v never stopped thinking about him!! I already bought the movie the first day it came out!! I love siberian huskies!! and now Paul Walker!! That movie is best movie ever!! it's definetaly my favorite!!! I'm his biggest fan ever!! Thanks Lisa! - Kathy Latka

I am very proud that I found your website.I've been Paul Walkers biggest fan since I watched Eight Below.Out to all Paul Walkers Fans, I have to say thank you so so so much. Luv ya so Much Paul - Dakota Theise, 13

I am so happy I found your site! I've been a huge Paul Walker fan ever since I saw Fast and the Furious. Out of all of Paul's fan sites, I have to say, yours is my favorite! Thanks so much! - Emily, CT, USA

Hey I love the web site it is so great. I visit it everyday. But I have to say that Paul walker is so sexy. I have seen every movie he has been in and im only 14. But I just want to meet him someday!! Luv ya Paul. - Amie

hey lisa, its jennifer from the forum and i just cant get enough of your site its so awesome - Jennifer Steinberg

Paul Walker is the hottest  person ever! && i am so glad u made this site! I love it! And I loved reading the part about RUNNING SCARED because i just saw it so i wanted to read what paul walker had to say about his character! your site is awesome! - Mykhailo

hey this is jillian i just wanted to tell you that your site is really cool, i hope you keep it going - Jillian

hey lisa this site is the best thing i've seen so far.girl, keep up with the great work, paul is sooooooooooo!!!!!!!! fine i hope i get to meet him someday. thank you for this site luv it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Rebecca Reynolds

Hey Lisa, this is Lauren. I LOVE your site, it is sooo awesome! I love Paul Walker so much, he is SO HOT! I hope one day to meet him, that would be the best thing that ever happened to me! You rock Lisa! - Lauren

Hi Lisa. Ur website, it's really really awesome. Keep up the nice work up and nice choice cause Paul Walker is the most handsome guy in the whole world. Thank u, thank u thank u for making this website. - Rerma

I love the site so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Paul Walker is the greatest I love his acting he is so hot. I hope to meet him. Keep the site updated love it - Twinkleeyes1993

Hi lisa I'm jennifer and i love your Paul Walker Life site, it rocks. Paul is the best actor of all time and he is also the hottest, his personality is one of a kind. Thank you for making this site. Love - Jennifer Steinberg

Hey Lisa. I would just like to take this chance to thank you for making your Paul Walker site. It rocks. Omg Paul Walker is the best, he is so hot, and his personality is a major plus. Thnx Lisa. - Brittany Brown

Hi Lisa! This is Joanna Mavridis from Greece! Just wanted to tell you that this website is great!! Well done!! I'm a big fan of Paul Walker because he is really hot and talented as well... that's all! I have finally found a really special website about Paul!! I love you so much Paul!!!!!! Kisses, Joanna Mavridis, Greece